Business Communication

English Made Easy, Fourth Edition
© 1998
256 pages

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  • Product Description
    The Made Easy Series provides real-world writing contexts for English courses, whether they're academic, basic, or developmental. Like all the texts in this series, the new edition of English Made Easy helps students to see the immediate usefulness of their study, which in turn motivates them to practice because they can see the practical value of their work. The text-workbook covers the essentials of grammar, punctuation, style, capitalization, number usage, and word usage.

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    • Consistent four-page lesson format provides uniformity of instruction.
    • Lesson Checkup answers included in text provide students with immediate feedback.
    • Writing activities reinforce students' comprehension through application.
    • New unit on creating paragraphs is included.

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    Table of Contents:
    Unit 1: Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Why Study English Again
    Unit 2: Sentence Structure
    • Lesson 2: The Sentence
    • Lesson 3: Subjects and Verbs
    • Lesson 4: Kinds of Sentences
    Unit 3: Nouns
    • Lesson 5: Common and Proper Nouns
    • Lesson 6: Concrete, Abstract, Compound, and Collective Nouns
    • Lesson 7: Plural Nouns
    • Lesson 8: Possessive Nouns
    Unit 4: Pronouns
    • Lesson 9: Antecedents, Number, and Gender
    • Lesson 10: Pronouns and Their "Case"
    • Lesson 11: Selecting the Right Case
    • Lesson 12: Who, Whom, and Other Pronouns
    • Lesson 13: More About Pronouns
    Unit 5: Verbs
    • Lesson 14: Uses of Verbs
    • Lesson 15: Helping Verbs, Principal Parts of Verbs, and Linking Verbs
    • Lesson 16: Verb Tenses
    • Lesson 17: Regular and Irregular Verbs
    • Lesson 18: To Be and To Have
    • Lesson 19: To Do and To Go
    • Lesson 20: Just Perfect? The Perfect Tenses
    • Lesson 21: Subject and Verb Agreement
    • Lesson 22: Lie and Lay
    • Lesson 23: Sit and Set; Rise and Raise
    • Lesson 24: More Troublesome Verbs
    Unit 6: Adjectives
    • Lesson 25: Adjectives to Describe, Possess, and Limit
    • Lesson 26: Proper Adjectives and Double Adjectives
    • Lesson 27: Comparing Adjectives
    Unit 7: Adverbs
    • Lesson 28: Adverbs: The "ly" Words
    • Lesson 29: Comparing Adverbs
    • Lesson 30: Some Troublemakers
    • Lesson 31: More Troublemakers
    Unit 8: Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections
    • Lesson 32: Prepositions and the Prepositional Phrase
    • Lesson 33: Common Preposition Errors
    • Lesson 34: Conjunctions as Joiners
    • Lesson 35: Common Conjunction Errors
    • Lesson 36: Interjections
    Unit 9: Clauses and Phrases
    • Lesson 37: Phrases
    • Lesson 38: Clauses
    • Lesson 39: Misplaced Phrases and Clauses; Dangling Participles
    • Lesson 40: Faulty Parallelism
    Unit 10: Punctuation
    • Lesson 41: Punctuation Marks: Period, Question Mark, Exclamation Point, and Hyphen
    • Lesson 42: Commas: Clauses, Series, and Introductory Elements
    • Lesson 43: Commas: Essential and Non-Essential Elements
    • Lesson 44: Commas: Other Uses
    • Lesson 45: The Semicolon and the Colon
    • Lesson 46: Dashes, Parentheses, and Brackets
    • Lesson 47: Quotation Marks, Underscores, and Apostrophes
    Unit 11: Words
    • Lesson 48: Capitals
    • Lesson 49: Numbers
    • Lesson 50: Word Usage
    Unit 12: Paragraphs
    • Lesson 51: Creating Paragraphs
    Answers to Lesson Checkups
    Appendix A: List of Common Prepositions
    Appendix B: Conjugation of Verb To Be
    Appendix C: Forms of Common Irregular Verbs

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    Instructor's Annotated Edition
    ISBN: 0-02-801962-8
    The Instructor's Annotated Edition includes teaching suggestions and answers to exercises and tests. Icons in this publication identify activities that relate to the SCANS competencies. A correlation to a stand-alone grammar software tutorial is also included.

    Test Package
    ISBN: 0-02-801963-6
    The Test Package includes a variety of tests and test items in various formats.

    Glencoe Interactive Grammar CD-ROM
    ISBN: 0-02-802180-0
    This CD-ROM provides practice and reinforcement of grammar and mechanics concepts and includes templates for editing and revising documents. A student guide is packaged with the CD-ROM to provide help in using the software.


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